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“The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University has published a new 6-minute video, InBrief: The Science of Neglect (2013), which explains how significant neglect can harm a young child’s development.

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The only free telephone hotline providing legal information for anyone concerned about a child in foster care in California.



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"Advokids was really the only informative and supportive resource that I located that could explain things when the social workers and adoption workers could not... and made me feel like the decisions I was making from the heart were good ones."
Krista, a foster-to-adopt parent 3/18/2013

"Dear Margaret and fellow staff at Advokids,
I just want to say thank you for everything that you have done for us. You guys were truly an answer to our prayers! We were just days away from losing placement of our baby and you guys helped us find the legal steps to stop an unnecessary move. Without your knowledgeable advice on which forms to file, when to file and what they needed to say, we would have lost the baby we have come to love so deeply. Every time I called Margaret in a panic over some new development in the case, she always had a way of calming me and letting me know that there was light at the end of the tunnel we found ourselves in. We are almost to the end of this tunnel and we can’t thank you guys enough for shining your light on us! As we still hope to adopt more children, we will breathe easier knowing you guys are always there if we need you again.
Sincerely, "
- Adoptive Family 9/19/12

"Margaret and Jan are Angels!!
Words cannot express my gratitude for their assistance with our case. They are really a tremendous resource for law, appeals, and explaining the rights a foster parent has. It was helpful to have support from an attorney who truly had the best interest of the child and foster family in mind. And, who was not part of DCFS."
Prospective Adoptive Parent, 10/24/12

"I can’t remember all of the resources that we used through Advokids, but I think Advokids especially helped us in understanding the various interpretations of the law. Also having easy access to forms is very helpful. I know that we spoke on the phone with the director and also received referrals to lawyers and therapists. Truly, the personalized support was invaluable…You are truly a gift to people trying to do the best for their kids that are in the system. Thank you!!"
– Adoptive Parent, 10/24/12

"I was feeling scared and helpless when I first contacted Advokids and it has been a lifeline to me, especially as a person dealing with the foster care system for the first time…I have referred many people to Advokids. So often I run across people who feel completely intimidated by the process or many even just a case worker. Even those with experience with the system do not have a good handle on how they can participate in the process and truly advocate for kids. I believe it makes a difference when case workers, attorneys, and judges see a foster parent/guardian/etc. actively participating in the legal process. Too often, case workers do not tell those caring for the children that they do have a place in advocating. I will forever be grateful for Advokids."
– De Facto Parent 10/24/12

"Advokids saved my life, the life of my daughter and my family. This process of adopting foster children is not for the meek or timid – and we need our own advocates to stand up for us and be the resource we are so desperately craving for in OUR time of need.
Advokids provided me the guidance, wisdom and resources to be able to get to the end of our journey with success – and the strength to know that I was strong and doing the right thing. I don’t know any other people other than Margaret and Jan who could have helped support me in any better way. My hats off to these ladies and EVERYONE at Advokids for the time, energy and dedicated ability to see that the lives of children and their families are enriched and made whole.
You were my rock and my lifeline – THANK YOU!!"
– Fost/Adopt Parent, 10/24/12,

"I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that your site is so wonderful and so helpful. I was stuck with a case that if anything could go wrong, it did. From the children’s special needs not being addressed, a children’s attorney who did not respond to serious concerns, and a social worker who had a clear conflict of interest.... Your site helped me to be heard with caregiver reports and file for de facto parent status. I was appointed everything I filed for even when fought tooth and nail. I just feel more informed and empowered to (in my case) to hold everyone accountable."
A foster parent

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News and Events

August 24, 2014

Advokids is mentioned in this LA Times article concerning the lawsuit against LADCFS.

August 7, 2014
Advokids is in the news!

Advokids, along with three foster parents, filed suit against the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (LADCFS) for routinely failing to provide foster parents and relative caregivers with advance written notice of court hearings and opportunities to be heard when foster children are removed from their homes.

See the NBC Southern California news coverage: “Foster Parents Suing LA’s Child Welfare System

. . .read more about the lawsuit here, including media reports

Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Legal Seminar

Legal Training in Southern California Saturday, October 25, 2014.
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