Alyssa and her wife had 13-month-old Scarlett in their care since birth. During a grievance hearing at which Alyssa and her wife were not present, the court granted a non-related family member guardianship of Scarlett. Alyssa did not believe that a move to a new home would be in Scarlett’s best interest, so she called Advokids. Our staff social worker informed Alyssa of the forms she should file and recommended an attorney in their county as well. When the county filed an official removal notice, Alyssa and her wife, with the help of Advokids, were able to file an objection and have a court hearing before Scarlett was removed. The judge took all of the information into consideration and ruled that Scarlett should remain placed with Alyssa and her family.

Eventually, Alyssa was granted De Facto Parent status and Prospective Adoptive Parent status, and Scarlett was spared a precipitous placement change at a vulnerable stage of her development.

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