Some of our Hotline clients have written to us expressing gratitude and support for our work on behalf of children.

With their approval, we have reproduced some of their comments:

“Advokids is a really incredible resource. They are unbiased and very diligent at collecting all information before making suggestions and recommendations. They were also very personal which made me feel comfortable reaching out again and I still would if I needed to!” 

- Lindsay, Resource Parent, Orange, 2020

"I wanted to again thank you for your time and advice with our little ones' case. Foster care is complicated and messy, and you were able to give us perspective that we needed. We did pass on all the info you sent us to the kids' attorney and county attorney. We don't know for sure what or if they used it, however we did finally get a ruling this week. The judge ruled for TOS and set the .26 for December. We know there is a long road ahead, but are very thankful that a decision was reached after 24 months of the kids being in care."

- Ashley, Resource Parent, Stanislaus, 2020

"Y’all, it really takes a village. I received the call for help from another attorney last night about 10 pm... I was pointed to Advokids [a child advocacy non-profit that operates a free statewide telephone hotline in California]. They were wonderful in getting me a list of attorneys who could help. I passed it on to the attorney who’d called me.  She sent it to the parents. Long story, short… the parents talked to one of the attorneys and were told they could go themselves to the courthouse and file an emergency pro se petition.  The parents then let the hospital know what they planned to do and the hospital did a swift turn around and the family is supposed to be back together again!!

Thank you all so much for the assistance!"

- Patricia "Petesy" Peterson Smith, Mississippi, 2020

"Dear Margaret...GOD BLESS EACH & EVERYONE OF YOU THERE AT ADVOKIDS!!!! Im not kidding...YOUR HARD WORKING ADVOCATES LITERALLY SAVED MY GRANDCHILDREN AT THE ELEVENTH HOUR. I'm crying right now because if it were not for you guys NO ONE WOULD HAVE EVEN MENTIONED R.F.A. APPROVAL...I have lost my ENTIRE life fighting for 2 of my grandkids over almost 3 years!!! EVERYTHING changed when you all armed me with information...God willing this Saturday we will have the kids overnight. There are still huge issues but I finally feel alive again...I have a heck of a story to share!!!"

-Jill, Grandma, San Bernardino, 2019

"I appreciate how Advokids helped direct me to information I needed to advocate for my foster daughter. They made me feel that I wasn't alone and did indeed have someone to turn to for assistance."

-Diane, Foster Parent, Los Angeles, 2019

"I submitted a JV-290 along with the foster parent. I was able to pass along the recommendations re: obtaining a letter from the child's pediatrician and submitting a JV-290 to other case managers who are advocating for the kids on their caseload. These recommendations were very helpful. Thank you for this valuable service. Lauren Montana was extremely personable, thorough, and helpful."

-Jennifer, Foster Family Agency, Orange, 2019

"I wanted to thank you for the help you provided the Mom. While nothing could be better than the return of her little baby girl, the comfort you gave her with your assistance is immeasurable. Thank you so very much. I will be making donations to your organization whenever I can, and asking others to do the same. :0)"

-Lisa, Family Friend, San Bernardino, 2019

"Your agency is amazing! We are currently fostering a baby, in hoping to adopt him and be his forever family. Speaking with one of the lawyers helped put our mind at ease with questions we had. And your website is a wealth of information for those of us who are unfamiliar with the whole process. Thank you for all you do!!!"

-Char, Foster Parent, Santa Clara, 2018

"Advokids was a big help when we were fostering and extremely confused about the system. We have now adopted our foster son. Thank you for helping all caregivers. Blessings to you and your team for all the dedicated work."

-Adoptive Parent, Los Angeles, 2018

"My wife, Christie, and I are foster parents and we have taken advantage of your services before. Specifically, when we were summoned to testify in court. Your lawyer was kind, calm, and helped us be prepared as we walked into court. Thanks!"

-Matthew, Foster Parent, Los Angeles, 2018

"It was so helpful to talk through our situation with Lucy and learn from her experience and advice on how to proceed in a way that
advocated for our FD. She had been detained and returned once already, we are so thankful that it will not happen again and she is safe forever."

-Brenda, Prospective Adoptive Parent, Los Angeles, 2018

"During this difficult time when it seemed like everyone was against us & no one cared about the best long-term care for my great-niece, Advokids was there to help guide us & reassure us that we're not crazy for thinking CPS is not treating us fairly."

-Ruby, Great-Aunt, Riverside, 2018

"My husband and I started our adventure of becoming a resource family this year and it has had its ups and downs. Advokids has been a great resource for questions and helping with guidance as far as paperwork for court and how the process goes for questions regarding our placement. My aunt Michelle was a foster parent and adopted my 3 cousins, she unfortunately lost her battle to cancer a few years ago and I wish more than anything that she could still be here to help me through all that's going on with our kiddos case. Thank-you Advokids for all of the great support you provide our families!"

-Taryn, Foster Parent, Contra Costa, 2018

"As a dependency attorney, this organization gave me a wonderful introduction to this area of law, and provided a great background of law and practical information that has been a great asset to my practice."

-Joan, Dependency Attorney, San Mateo, 2018

"It is such a blessing to be able to talk to someone, even briefly, that has legal experience, specifically to assist foster parents. I cannot even count the times I have accessed the website. It is so clear and easy to navigate. Thank you!"

-Melanie, Foster Parent, Los Angeles, 2018

"The peace you provided to our family during our foster/adoption journey will never be forgotten. Thank you for the lawyer reference, supportive emails and phone calls. Our son is now 4 and 1/2 years old, safely adopted and secure with us!"

-Ayana, Adoptive Parent, Los Angeles, 2018

"I am so thankful for all Advokids has done for me and my (foster) son. They have taught me how to be a great advocate and walked me step by step through how to fight for what is in his best interest. Without your help I would have felt so very helpless and alone."

-Jessica, Foster Parent, San Diego, 2018

"Thank you so much for all of your help! The court clerk complimented us on how organized our forms were, and it was only because of Advokids!"

-Karen, Foster Parent, Riverside, 2018

"Thank you for all that you do, and your indefatigable dedication to helping families and attorneys."

-Nicholas, Attorney At Law, San Francisco, 2017

"CASA of Humboldt is in appreciation of all that Jan Sherwood and Advokids do for the children of California who need the expertise you provide and have no other way to get it."
-Steve, CASA, Humboldt, 2017

"Margaret Coyne and Advokids have been very helpful with advice on de facto parents, 388 hearings, prospective adoptive parent status, termination of parental rights, and adoption.  We finalized Andrew's adoption with the help of Advokids. Margaret would check on our status and how everything is going.  She advised us on forms to take to court and things to say.  I highly recommend Advokids and Margaret Coyne to any foster or adoptive parents."
-Mark, Foster Parent, San Diego, 2017

"Your work is changing lives. Thank you for advocating for kids who are not able to do so for themselves. The impact of your work is immeasurable and so is our gratitude."

-Melissa, Los Angeles, 2017

Kate and I would like to share our appreciation and gratitude for your helpful legal advice and unwavering patience. This is a very painful and stressful time for us. Your compassion and guidance are giving us the support and tools we need to negotiate the challenges ahead. Thankfully there are advocates like you all for the love of children and their families."
-Cynthia and Kate, San Francisco, 2017

"As a military family unfamiliar with California Law, your staff was extremely helpful in walking us through the foster care process. Our story is full of many miracles, but we have currently adopted one child and we're within 2 months of adopting our other little guy. We are thankful for the time you took to discuss our case and answer our questions."
-James, Monterey, 2016

"I called Advokids for guidance on what to do to keep a close relationship with my 3-year-old granddaughter, after her mom for the 3rd time lost her due to drug use...Advokids recommended filing a specific form to help the judge understand how close my family relationships with my granddaughter, and hope to continue with these important relationships. I am grateful for Advokids and their input in this matter. Now we hope for a good outcome with the judge.

-Mona, Grandparent, Orange County, 2016

"Jan Sherwood helped me out a lot in a case in which my client, a 17-year-old girl, was not given her 391(e) documents by her parents, who waived FR services. My client wants to get her California ID card from the DMV and can't do it without those documents. Jan Sherwood sent me an email which was very helpful. I spent the entire day today writing a motion that was largely due to Advokids. Thanks!"

-Thomas, Attorney, Imperial County, 2016

"I would like to share our appreciation and gratitude for your helpful legal advice and unwavering patience. This is a very painful and stressful time for us. Your compassion and guidance are giving us the support and tools we need to negotiate the challenges ahead. Thankfully there are advocates like you all for the love of children and their families."

-Kate, Grandmother, San Francisco County, 2016

"Some months ago, you helped my wife Jenni and I with the case of our foster-to-adopt child. I simply wanted to thank you and to let you know that we signed adoptive placement papers this week, and we are anticipating finalizing our son's adoption in the next several weeks. We are very excited! It is a long story of how we got to this point, but suffice it to say that we took all of your advice, we were very proactive in dealing with the bureaucracy, we secured all manner of medical and Regional Center services for him, we received invaluable guidance from our FFA social worker, we actively engaged his attorney (who did what she could to help us, since we consistently acted in his best interest), and we were polite yet insistent with the DCFS social workers to press forward at every turn. Thank you again for your help and for all of your advocacy on behalf of vulnerable children like our son."
- Anthony & Jennifer, Foster Parents, Los Angeles County, 2016

“My family is so grateful for all your help as we began this 3 year process as well as all the work you and your team do on a daily basis for foster children and their families. I am looking forward to snapping our first forever family photo next week and ending our little boy's 4 years in the foster care system.”

–Melanie, Foster Parent, Alameda County, 2015



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