What to Expect When You Call the Advokids Hotline:

877.ADV4KID (877.238.4543) or [email protected]

1. A 5-10 minute structured intake with our hotline staff to determine:

What are the child's needs?

Are we an appropriate fit?

Where are you in the case?

2. During the Intake:

All Information is confidential and private.

We do not ask for children's last names, case numbers, or identifying information.

Advokids is not affiliated with any government agency, so none of the information we gather is released.

3. After the Intake:

A member of the hotline staff will call you within 1-3 business days.

Common Needs and Questions Include:

General Information

Understanding Your Rights

Timeline Issues and Questions

Filing Forms

In the meantime, please use the Advokids website for resources and information.

You and the staff member will have ongoing email and phone communication as long as you have needs that we can support.

Throughout your case, you are encouraged to call Advokids for ongoing support and information as the child's case evolves and changes.

We are a free service. If you are able to help keep our services free to the foster children who need them, please consider donating.

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