Be Their Superhero 2018

April 2nd - May 2nd

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About The Campaign

Welcome to Be Their Superhero 2018, Advokids' annual peer-to-peer fundraising campaign!  Between April 2nd and May 2nd, our Superhero team captains will reach out to their colleagues, friends, and family to raise $2,500 towards our campaign goal of $100,000. All funds raised will support Advokids’ Free Telephone Hotline, the only statewide hotline providing legal information, legal tools, and support for anyone concerned about a child in foster care or at risk of entering care.

The Hotline is the only statewide free resource dedicated to advocating for the safety, stability, and nurturing of California foster children. Our staff provides caregivers, family, and friends with resources to effectively advocate for a child in foster care.

As a child-focused organization, we are committed to mitigating the traumatic events of our children in foster care so they can experience the safe, stable, and nurturing childhood that will serve them into adolescence and adulthood.

How We Serve


The extent to which a child is free from fear and secure from physical or psychological harm within his or her social and physical environment


The degree of predictability and consistency in a child's social, emotional, and physical environment


The extent to which a parent or caregiver is available and able to sensitively and consistently respond to and meet the needs of the child

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There are no "do overs" for our children in foster care -- join us in the fight for their childhoods.