Emma’s Story

Emma & Crystal

“I want to thank you again for the guidance you gave me years ago to gain custody of my niece. It wasn’t until I reached out to Advokids that I was able to make any progress with getting custody… I appreciate all you guys do to help!” 


Crystal called Advokids after her 1.5 year old niece Emma was removed from her parents and placed in foster care. Crystal stepped up immediately and offered Emma a home, but was not receiving the information and instructions she needed from the county to begin the placement process. Precious time was passing and placement of Emma in Crystal’s care was continually delayed. Advokids Hotline Staff helped Crystal contact Emma’s attorney and taught her how to bring her concerns and commitment to Emma to the attention of the juvenile court. Advokids’ Hotline Staff also taught Crystal how to  request visits with Emma so that she could begin to build a relationship while she was working through the Resource Family Approval (RFA) placement process. After five months of ongoing support from Advokids and court intervention, Emma was placed in Crystal’s dedicated care. 

Advokids continued to help Crystal advocate for Emma through ongoing court hearings over the next 18 months until Emma’s adoption was finalized. Emma is thriving in Crystal’s loving care and benefits from her close and continuing relationships with her older brothers, cousins and grandparents. Find out more about the role of relatives in a child’s dependency case.