Posts can be a powerful addition to your website, as it allows you to enter information once and then select to display it various places on your site.  Post maintenance is easier as you only have to make you changes in one place and be assured that it will update all displays of the post.

However, there are certain procedures that should be followed, as listed below:


Posts image 1


Posts image 2.fw


Posts image 3.fw


  • Select Posts > All Posts from Dashboard Menu (See Image 1)
  • Locate post you are editing in list of posts that are displayed.
  • Select Edit displayed under post name (See Image 1)
  • You should then be in Text Editor tab (see Image 2)
  • Make any edits here, including Featured Image located on far right, bottom of screen.
  • If, in Edit mode for an existing post, you see the message that Page Builder is active for this post (See Image 3), it means that previous edits to this page were done in Page Builder tab.
  • If you proceed, the data last used in Page Builder will overwrite data entered in Text Editor.
    • This problem commonly occurs when more than one person is working on edits of the same post.
    • If this occurs, before proceeding, contact software maintenance staff who can quickly restore the previous version.


  • From Dashboard, select New Post.
  • Enter Title of Post
    • (Do Not Repeat Title in Body of Post)
  • All data for posts should be entered into the Text Editor Tab Box.
  • Put Image in Featured Image, this is the image that will display with the excerpt for Post.
    • Additional images can be entered in body of post, however will only display with the full post.
  • Enter Excerpt in Box below main body of post, labeled Excerpt.  This is the short description of the post that will display, along with the image, with a Read More link.
  • Select the Category or Categories were you want the post to display, can select as many as desired.


If you have questions beyond what has been provided here on adding posts, you can reach out to Mike for a personalized training video on Editing Posts with WordPress.  The WordPress Web Design Blog will help with a tutorial on managing WordPress Blog Posts.