Forrest’s Story

“Thank you so very much. I have recommended Advokids to numerous foster parents and all of them have had a similar experience to us. A true hand of consistency in a totally inconsistent journey of courts, family and social worker systems.”

Forrest was three days old when he was placed in foster care with Ebony. After seven months in her care, Forrest was heading to adoption and Ebony was ready to provide a “forever home." She called the Advokids Hotline because a relative who had declined placement of Forrest early on in the case had changed her mind and came forward seeking placement. Forrest was very attached to Ebony and thriving in her care. Ebony was concerned about how traumatic a placement disruption might be for Forrest as he had no relationship with the relative. 

Ebony called Advokids to learn how to bring Forrest’s best interests to the attention of his attorney, the child welfare agency and the juvenile court. Advokids’ Hotline Staff taught Ebony about the laws and the legal timelines that govern relative placements and showed her how to use court forms to share information about Forrest’s needs and vulnerabilities.

Now officially adopted, Forrest is three years old and is thriving in Ebony’s care. 

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