Melody’s Story

At the age of thirteen, Melody was entering the child welfare system for a second time because her mother struggled with mental illness. She was in her fourth placement when her caregiver contacted Advokids. Melody had disclosed that she had been in the child welfare system before, at age five, and had lived for one year with her out-of-state grandparents, John and Karen. She had not had any contact with them since. Melody expressed a desire to reconnect with her grandparents and live with them again.

Advokids’ Hotline staff suggested that Melody’s caregiver have John and Karen contact Advokids directly. Our Hotline staff learned that they had never been notified that Melody was in foster care in California. Our Hotline staff instructed John and Karen on the proper court forms to use to petition the juvenile court for placement. Advokids also assisted John and Karen with providing critical information to Melody’s attorney and her Court Appointed Special Advocate in order to advocate for Melody’s needs. The court ultimately granted an extended holiday visit for Melody with her grandparents. The visit was successful and Melody was placed with John and Karen permanently. Melody now enjoys a life with a large extended family of her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all around her.

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