Court Appointed Special Advocates

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) are members of the community who volunteer to mentor and advocate on behalf of children and youth in California's foster care system.  CASAs are screened, trained, and supervised by the local and statewide CASA offices.  CASAs aim to ensure children in the foster care system have both a voice and the services they need for a stable future.

CASAs adhere to strict confidentiality laws in California and are also mandated reporters.

If you believe that a child or youth in foster care may benefit from a relationship with a CASA, you may:

  1. Speak to the child/youth's county case worker and his/her attorney about requesting a referral from the juvenile dependency judge;
  2. You may contact the CASA Program Director of your county CASA organization; and/or
  3. File a JV-180 Request to Change Court Order with the juvenile dependency clerk to make the referral request.

See California Court Rule 5.655 for specifics on California CASA requirements.

Please visit our local rules page to see if there are any CASA specific rules for your county.

For more information, contact California CASA or your local CASA office. Search for CASA programs by county. 


Trainings Available:

Advokids has created a CASA specific training titled "CASAs & The Juvenile Court: Opportunities to Inform, Advocate, and Intervene."  If you are interested in this CASA training for your group, please contact us.



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