L.A Times Article on the Death of Foster Child Anthony Avalos Highlights Advokids’ JV-210 Legal Tools Page

Advokids has been campaigning statewide since 2017 to bring attention to the JV-210, a Juvenile Court Form that empowers child advocates to go directly to the juvenile court when a County fails to adequately investigate a suspected child abuse case and protect a child. Please help us spread the word and prevent tragic deaths of vulnerable children in California.

The juvenile courts throughout the state are ultimately responsible for our abandoned, abused, neglected and exploited children. When a county child welfare agency fails to protect a child, there is actually a legal mechanism available to all of us to challenge the county’s decision and to bring a child at risk directly to the attention of the juvenile court. Anyone can use a simple court form called the JV-210 to start the process by demanding, in writing, that the county take protective action.   However, unlike a child abuse report, filing a JV-210 to protect a child requires a full commitment; anonymity is not an option.

Unfortunately, few people know about the JV-210 process so it is not often used. If you suspect child abuse, report it. If your concerns fall on deaf ears, take your concerns directly to the juvenile court.

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