Thomas and Cassie

Tanya called Advokids, concerned about her 9-year-old grandson Thomas. Tanya was Thomas’s legal guardian, because his parents were unable to care for him. Thomas had a baby sister, Cassie, who was in foster care and Thomas visited her regularly. When Cassie was moved out of their county, all visitation was terminated and Thomas was devastated. Advokids helped Tanya file a court petition on Thomas’ behalf, asking the court to reinstate sibling visits. In his petition to the court, Thomas stated that visitation was what was best for his baby sister because, “I love her and she knows happiness when she sees me.” The trial court denied Thomas’ petition so Advokids helped file an appeal and Thomas won! The Court of Appeal decision stated that the county child welfare agency had “acted in excess of its authority” when it suspended visitation. Thomas and his baby sister are now a part of each other’s lives again.

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