Working with child psychologists and child development experts, Advokids has developed a multidisciplinary training to arm foster child advocates throughout California with the science and the law to encourage consistent focus on the psychological and emotional needs of our infants and children at every stage of their legal proceedings.

Advokids coordinates multi-disciplinary presentations for California child welfare professionals and mental health professionals to encourage collaboration in advocating for foster children, with a special emphasis on our infants and toddlers in care.

Please contact our office if you are interested in scheduling a training in your county. Call 1.415.924.0587 or contact us here at Advokids.

Early Childhood Mental Health and Development: Science Driving Practice in Juvenile Court

Because of the explosion in developmental psychology and brain research we now have important information about human infancy that bears on the critical matters the juvenile dependency court addresses. The court needs a greater understanding of the needs of all developing infants and young children, as well as an appreciation of the unique relational context of each case. It is our job as child welfare professionals to bring infant mental health needs to the court’s attention.

  • The Neurobiological Impact of Early Childhood Trauma
  • Relational Trauma
  • History of Attachment
  • The Neurobiology of Attachment
  • Attachment and Loss
  • Resilience and the Right Brain
  • Fostering Relationships
  • Maintaining Relationships
  • Legal Tools for Reducing Systemic Trauma and Promoting Emotional Well-Being


A Legal and Psychological Mandate for Foster Children

  • Concurrent Planning
  • Placement Considerations and Preferences
  • Reunification & Review Hearing Time Lines
  • Attachment, Trauma & The Dependency System
  • Nature & Legacy of Separation and Loss
  • Factors to Consider Before Moving A Child
  • Mitigating Trauma
  • Transition Planning
  • Attorneys' Duties
  • Appeals and Writts

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