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    California laws and Rules of Court have expanded to promote foster parent and relative caregiver notice of hearings and the right to participate. Our legal trainings give caregivers a working knowledge of our Juvenile Court laws and share legal tools to facilitate participation in the juvenile dependency system.

    Please contact our office if you are interested in scheduling a training in your county. Call 1.415.924.0587 or contact us here at Advokids.

    CLC Online Trainings

    Caregiver Support Webinars: The California Department of Social Services and California Alliance of Caregivers are partnering to bring important information about policies, services, and resources to resource families (foster and kinship caregivers). Learn more. 

    How to Access the Juvenile Court: A Legal Training For Caregivers: This 1.5-hour training covers federal and state laws that afford foster caregivers the right to information about the child in their care and the right to participate and to be heard in juvenile court. Learn more.

    In Person Trainings Available

    Improving Access, Advocacy, and Accountability in Juvenile Court

    Court Access

    • Juvenile Court Process
    • For Foster Youth
    • Information For Caregivers
    • Information for Relatives
    • Sibling Information
    • De Facto Parent Information
    • Prospective Adoptive Parent
    • Request to Change Court Order


    • Childhood Mental Health
    • Placement and Permanency Planning
    • Visitation
    • Transitions
    • The Sibling Bond
    • Team Decision Making (TDM)
    • Trauma Informed Practice


    • Reporting and Information Sharing
    • Requesting a Grievance Review Hearing
    • Protection of the Child Through Juvenile Court

    How to Access the Juvenile Court

    The Flow of Information to the Juvenile Court: Who Can Weigh In?

    • The County Social Worker report
    • CASA report
    • The Foster Family Agency Report, JV-290
    • Relative Report, JV 285
    • Caregiver Report, JV-290

    Caregiver Report Forms, a Critical Connection: When, Why & How

    • Sample juvenile court form JV-290
    • Streamlined filing and serving

    De Facto Parent Status: When, Why & How

    • Sample juvenile court forms JV-295, JV- 296, JV-297
    • Discovery

    Request to Change Court Order (JV-180)

    • Sample juvenile court form JV-180
    • When is it appropriate?
    • What information is necessary to support a request?

    Prospective Adoptive Parent Status Designation Request Form (JV- 321)

    • Who qualifies for Prospective Adoptive Parent?
    • Departmental procedures & notice required BEFORE a change of placement

    Improving Advocacy, Access, and Accountability

    • Role of Child’s Attorney
    • State and local county Rules of Court

    Contact Us to Set Up Training

    For further information, or to schedule a training, please contact us.

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