California laws and Rules of Court have expanded to promote foster parent and relative caregiver notice of hearings and the right to participate. Our legal trainings give caregivers a working knowledge of our Juvenile Court laws and share legal tools to facilitate participation in the juvenile dependency system.

Please contact our office if you are interested in scheduling a training in your county. Call 1.415.924.0587 or contact us here at Advokids.

Improving Access, Advocacy, and Accountability in Juvenile Court

Court Access

  • Juvenile Court Process
  • For Foster Youth
  • Information For Caregivers
  • Information for Relatives
  • Sibling Information
  • De Facto Parent Information
  • Prospective Adoptive Parent
  • Request to Change Court Order


  • Childhood Mental Health
  • Placement and Permanency Planning
  • Visitation
  • Transitions
  • The Sibling Bond
  • Team Decision Making (TDM)
  • Trauma Informed Practice


  • Reporting and Information Sharing
  • Requesting a Grievance Review Hearing
  • Protection of the Child Through Juvenile Court


How to Access the Juvenile Court

The Flow of Information to the Juvenile Court: Who Can Weigh In?

  • The County Social Worker report
  • CASA report
  • The Foster Family Agency Report, JV-290
  • Relative Report, JV 285
  • Caregiver Report, JV-290

Caregiver Report Forms, a Critical Connection: When, Why & How

  • Sample juvenile court form JV-290
  • Streamlined filing and serving

De Facto Parent Status: When, Why & How

  • Sample juvenile court forms JV-295, JV- 296, JV-297
  • Discovery

Request to Change Court Order (JV-180)

  • Sample juvenile court form JV-180
  • When is it appropriate?
  • What information is necessary to support a request?

Prospective Adoptive Parent Status Designation Request Form (JV- 321)

  • Who qualifies for Prospective Adoptive Parent?
  • Departmental procedures & notice required BEFORE a change of placement

Improving Advocacy, Access, and Accountability

  • Role of Child’s Attorney
  • State and local county Rules of Court

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