Compendium of California Juvenile Dependency Case Law for Attorneys

California Juvenile Dependency Case Law Updates: 1991-2023

Rule 5.660(d)(1) defines competent dependency counsel as having, among other things, an adequate comprehension of the cases relevant to juvenile dependency proceedings. The Case Law Updates are summaries of most California appellate decisions on dependency law published since 1991, the year California’s current dependency system went into effect.

The Udpates are now available electronically for easy access. They are searchable and organized by subject matter (e.g., all section 300(a) cases together; all cases concerning placement and visitation together, etc.), making it easy fo counsel to quickly familiarize themselves with the applicable case law or to efficiently research the relevant cases to cite in briefs, oral argument, or memoranda of points and authorities. (Searchable pdf format. 20 Chapters. 1500+ pages)

The summaries are updated yearly to include the previous year's appellate decisions. Current subscribers get new editions at a reduced rate. Bulk purchases available.  For more information contact [email protected].


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